Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register into an event?

A tournament must be in the status of OPEN to be able to register into it. The tournament list has a column called Status and an event will initially be LOCKED, then Open for registration. On the closing date for registrations the status will be changed to Closed and eventually set to RESULTS after the event is finished. Generally the date and time of when the tournament will be open for registrations will be displayed in the tournament details section.

Why do I get the following error message when trying to register?

"Sorry, you cannot register in this competition for the following reasons : A valid combination of gender, age and handicap could not be found for this tournament"

Check that your profile matches the tournament requirements of age, gender and handicap limits. Note: Ensure you have entered the correct Date of Birth in your profile so that age checking is valid. Also your handicap will be validated from the value GolfLink has at the time of registration. For international players the tournament directors may validate your handicap value entered by contacting your home club before approving your registration.

I'm unable to read the Terms and Conditions

Downloading and reading the tournament terms and conditions requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download PDF reader if you are unable to access T&C.

I'm having problems signing up.

Check that your GolfLink number is valid - Go to and enter the number there. If you get an invalid return then please contact your home club. The user name that you assign yourself must be unique and can be anything and any combination of letters or numbers. Please populate all fields that are mandatory such as email address, date of birth, phone number and names.

I don't have a GolfLink number, how do I sign up?

Click on the 'No' button when asked if you have a GolfLink number, this will take you to the create visitor account page. Enter the details and finally enter the Capture character display to process.

I don't have an email or credit card, how can I register into the tournament?

Under the tournament details there may be a link to a manual hard copy form to download and submit (post) to the tournament organiser otherwise please call the organiser directory for assistance.

What type of payment cards are accepted?

Acceptable credit cards are Visa and Mastercard.

Need more help?

Click here to view more MiTournament help articles or contact MiClub Support